• Clip On Dental Surgical Loupe (2.5X)

Clip On Dental Surgical Loupe (2.5X)

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The Clip On Galilean-type binocular loupes are lightweight so that they can be clipped on to almost any form of safety eyewear or prescription eyeglasses. They provide all the functions you' ll require in your work and are designed for maximum ease of use… because you’ve got more important things to do than fumble with your eyewear.

The precision lenses are multi-coated to reduce reflection and provide you with the highest possible clarity. This loupe has all the features you' ll need for everyday usage, including full adjustability of the viewing angle, pupil distance, and a flip-up function to easily lift the loupe up and out of the way when not in use. It's available in three magnification levels (2.5x, 3.0x, and 3.5x) and four different working distance levels (340mm, 420mm, 500mm, and 550mm). 

Here are some additional features of our Clip On Dental Loupe:

- Razor-sharp, edge-to-edge clarity
- Extremely high-resolution optics
- Lightweight design
- Multi-coated to cover anti-glare, anti-fog, and scratch resistance
- Manufacturer direct pricing
- Universal clip-on design fits on almost any pair of eyeglasses or safety glasses, prescription or non-prescription


Working Distance
Field of View
Depth of Field
340mm / 13,4 in
90mm / 3,5 in
80mm / 3,1 in
46.5gr / 1.49 ounce
420mm / 16.5 in
100mm / 3,9 in
90mm / 3,5 in
46.5gr / 1.49 ounce
500mm / 19,7 in
110mm / 4,3 in
110mm / 4,3 in
46.5gr / 1.49 ounce
550mm / 21,7 in
125mm / 4,9 in
120mm / 4,7 in
46.5gr / 1.49 ounce
All Models
Adjustable viewing angle: 0 - 45 degree,and easy removed from glasses.
All Models
Adjustable pupil distance: 46mm/1.6" - 70mm/2.8"
All Models
Without frame ,can be fixed on different frames

What's in box
- Binocular loupes: x1
- Handy protective carry Case: x1
- Inclusive cleaning cloth: x1
- Screwdriver: x1
- Flexible headband:x 1
- Adjust tool: x1 

Working Distance: