Gem & Jewelry Microscopes

gemology microscope (or gem microscope for short) is a microscope typically used by jewelers, gemologists, and stone setters to perform the day to day labors of their careers. Gems and jewels, as many of us know, have a variety of grades (or quality levels) to them, which ultimately influence their value and cost on the market.

Also called GIA microscopes  (Gemological Institute of America), these kinds of microscopes typically come with a stereo microscope’s version of a darkfield condenser, and a set of tweezers built into the base of the microscope to hold the sample in place. A GIA microscope is also a brand, though, as the GIA has specific guidelines on what a gemological microscope is required to have to be used in a professional or stone research scenario. GIA microscopes are generally very, very expensive, so it’s good to recommend you the gem microscope with reliable quality and competitive price.