• LED Headlight Combine 3.5X Binocular Loupe for Dental Students

LED Headlight Combine 3.5X Binocular Loupe for Dental Students

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It is the most popular model among dental students and dental hygienists.
It has wide field of view and generous depth of field with high enough power for daily dental procedures.

- One step pupillary sdjustment
- Convenient 420mm working distance
- Adjustable angular viewing 
- Large depth of field
- Easy convergence settings
- Safety soft touch frame
- Flip-up design
- Large field of view
- Stylish eesigns
- Multi-person use


3.5X Binocular Loupe

Magnification:  3.5X
Working distance: 420mm
Depth of field: 80mm
Field of view: 60mm
Weight: 52g
Frames: Ni-alloy or Titanium Ni

Portable LED headlight

High intensity >15000—30000Lux
Continuous run-time: > 5 hours
The power of the LED bulb: 1 W
The lifetime of the bulb: 10000 hour
All loupes are optional
Very small volume and weight
Battery pack weight: 200g
Charge voltage: AC110V/240V/50-60Hz

Packing List:

Main glass: 1
LED headlight: 1
Protect cups: 2
Handy protective carry Case: 1
Inclusive cleaning cloth: 1
Screwdriver: 2
Flexible headband: 1
Adjust tool: 1
Battery pack: 1
AC adapter: 1