• Mini Ceiling Type LED Shadowless Lamp/Examination Lamp

Mini Ceiling Type LED Shadowless Lamp/Examination Lamp

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The surgical operation shadowless lamp is a very important medical equipment in operation room, medical personnel through the shadowless lamp use, realize the operation position in patients without the shadow lighting purposes, so as to help the doctor to clearly distinguish between the lesion tissue, successfully completed the operation.

The traditional halogen lamp operation is generally 400W, high fever, LED shadowless lamp as surgery has significant operating lamp advantages, LED light source with low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, low temperature light source, the surgical field is easy to spot the temperature control, easy to adjust color temperature, close to natural light, long life light bulbs, etc.,

Item # KD-202D-3C Mini Wall-hanging Type LED Shadowless Lamp

- Lamp power: 12*3W LED lamp
- Input Voltage(AC): 110V/220V; 50/60 Hz
- Color Temperature: 5,500±500K
- Lamp life: 50,000 hours
- Illumination: 40,000lx
- Spot Diameter: 100mm
- Diameter of lamp head: 180mm
- Mounting height: 280 - 310cm
- Dimension: 80x45x30cm
- Net weight: 8kg