• Surgical Operation Microscope Digital Image/Video System

Surgical Operation Microscope Digital Image/Video System

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System functions

Using the most advanced image compression technology, high-definition video, and can save an unlimited number of patient data;

Using the most advanced real-time compression technology, dynamic DVD, VCD120 hour video can be synchronous acquisition of the image;

Production of CD DVD, VCD (can edit, cut, and other operations, such as: add subtitles, background music, narration, etc.);

Strong patient information search and statistical functions, such as medical records, image search and statistics;

Medical reports and diagnostic conclusions on the pictures shot parts of the lesions, the measurement of lesion size;

The online version can be a convenient entry into the hospital PACS imaging centers, and remote expert consultation.

Video resolution: 720x576 pixel
Image resolution: 720x576 pixel

The sytem including:

Photographic software
Connecting device to the computer